I went to RENT! I've seen musical films and movies but this was truly the first time to see the live musical. I felt my brain shake being overwhelmed by the breathtaking excitement and stunning perfection far beyond my expectation. I don't know why but it reminded me of Issay Ogata's stand-up act. RENT made its debut with a shocking death of Jonathan Larson, who did the writing, composing and screenwriting, in the morning of the first public performing day. I really liked the musical's theme. It was about frustrations, suffering, the gap between ideal and reality, racial differences, gender and drug issues and love through young generation's point of view living in modern society. Though the musical was first performed in 1996, we still have same issues and problems in 21st century. That is why it still hits us so hard even after 13 years. It was a truly great entertainment, still looked new and fresh. The night was so amazing that I even got sort of jealous as a person who makes a living by creating things. 

by takahisahashimo | September 26, 2009 12:49 AM | art | Comments(163)

International Poster Triennial in Toyama - Culture Seen Through Posters

I went to Toyama to attend IPT award ceremony and opening ceremony. Since it is the only international poster competition in Japan, I was amazed to see legendary designers as award judges. This year, total number of entries being made was 4516 and only 409 were selected as exhibition winners. Increasing number of entries was made from the Middle East and East Europe as well as West Europe and America. The work from Iran and other Middle East countries were especially interesting, exotic and full of life to me since I haven't been familiar with such work. I wondered if social/ political backgrounds affected the output. Work from Europe that won Grand Prix and other medals were full of carefully calculated delicacy and bold ideas. Of course I'm not satisfied with my result being selected as an exhibition winner and I promised myself to become a medalist at IPT 3 years from now. Toyma03.jpg

by takahisahashimo | September 26, 2009 12:16 AM | art | Comments(161)