My First

I just came back from Kiroro Snow Resort in Hokkaido, 90min away from Sapporo, for a movie shoot. The crew and I were welcomed by the biggest chill of the year. Though for work, it was my first snowboarding of the season, first ride in Hokkaido, first ride on Burton V-Rocker, first time of wearing my new snow boots and first movie shoot while riding the board. Everything was first time experience and I even experienced the -15-degree world for the very first time. In this blizzard world, a runny nose turns into frozen nose and double Uniqlo heat-tec shirts mean nothing. Since it was work, I could do nothing but undergo without showing the white feather.
On the second day, I was amazed by the landscape I faced - snowy trees in the clear sky. The world where only blue and white exist. Utterly speechless beauty encounter just after -15-degree blizzard world.

by takahisahashimo | December 24, 2009 11:21 PM | Works | Comments(29)