Madhubani Painting in Delhi

I just came back from Delhi to see the real Madhubani painting in India. Madhubani painting or Mithila painting is a style of Indian wall painting practiced in the Mithila region, northeast part of India close to Nepal. This particular painting style has been passed down for over 3000 years from mother to daughter.
I arrived at the local airport at around 2am in the morning. Though everyone had warned me that Delhi was not a safe place to travel, I just could not control my excitement about seeing the real Madhubani painting with my own eyes. I had some sleep before visiting the Crafts Museum in the centre of Delhi just before noon, where a number of architectural and historical details of high profile artifacts and folk arts from all across India.
They also had wall paining done by a female artist Ganga Devi whose work opened the door for me to the Madhubani art.
Madhubani painting section was tiny compared to the total size of the museum, however, I met two young artists from Bihar State live paining and selling their work. I exchanged contact detail with one of them named Wmesh Kuwa. He was a pleasant, innocent guy whose father is also an artist. I also had opportunities to see a large number of Madhubani painting pieces sold at shops as souvenir. It was unfortunate that overall level of the art was low and quality was rough. This seems to be because people found out that this style of painting would make money, all of sudden a huge number of people started drawing it which caused unbelievable variation in the quality of the art piece. This actually tells me how talented an artist Ganga Devi was.
Journey to India of following the roots of my own illustration style was fun and fulfilling. I am determined to visit Madhubani villages in Bihar next time.

Crafts Museum:


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