An Interesting Picture Book - a Balloon for a Blunderbuss

Revival of an old rock band or remake of a film is what we often see. Interesting thing is, there are even revival of rare picture books that were once out of print. One of such picture books was done by a famous artist who has built the foundation of contemporary graphic design universe. A Balloon for a Blunderbuss is a work by a guy named Bob Gill, who lives in New York known as a graphic designer, illustrator and copywriter. The book was published in 1961 just after he established a design studio called Pentagram with Alan Fletcher and Colin Forbes in London. It is a large-scaled imaginative story about a straw millionaire who exchanges his butterfly which he caught in his hand for a flag, then for a hat, then for his own zoo, and for his own army, and finally for his own city. Only Bob Gill can make such simple yet classic theme into an impressive and inspiring piece of work with twist and unique illustration.
It does not only look pretty on the bookshelf but takes you to the world of Gill once you open it.
I am sure that there should be a number of such great pieces hidden in the world and I truly hope that those picture books will revive one after another like old quality records.


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Picture book - Cats and Bats and Things with Wings

These days, I'm obsessed with picture books without any particular reason.
This is a picture book of animals illustrated by Milton Glaser, a member who founded a design team called Pushun Studio, which has become very popular in graphic design universe since 1970s. The studio has led wide range of innovative artwork from advertising, animation, record jackets and book covers.
In Cats and Bats and Things with Wings, animals such as crocodile, frog, crab and octopus appear in different illustration styles. Some pages are vivid and colourful, while others are black-and-white line drawing based or trick pages filled with illusions. The book is an outstanding quality piece of work with amazing editorial flavour and the unique poem. It is an art that goes beyond the boundaries of picture book or design which inspires you with its free-spirited creativity. Encounter with such work fills me with joy and excitement as well as some sort of unexplainable jealous. Maybe I am obsessed with picture books with the hope of encountering this kind of mixed feeling of surprise after all.


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Cherry blossoms@Meguro River


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