Mr. Angelo - A Fatty Restaurant Owner

It's amazing why a restaurant with a fatty cook makes me think that it must serve great food. Whenever I encounter such cook, I always wonder if he became a cook because he simply loves eating, or if he became fat because he has fanatically pursued the most delicious food in the world.
The main character of this picture book is Mr. Angelo, a fatty man with thick long beard. He loves cooking and eating more than anything else that he finally opens a restaurant. But the only menu he served for the customers who came on the opening day was Angle Cake. He was a cook who made only one menu he wanted to cook that day. Obviously, his customers are upset about this service and Mr. Angelo should do something to breakthrough the situation.
This picture book done by an American illustrator, Abner Graboff, is an impressive and unique work full of adorable characters and colourful, structural design.
I imagined myself becoming fatty and eating a doughnut at a restaurant kitchen. Right, let me see what I shall cook tonight...


by takahisahashimo | July 12, 2010 01:02 PM | art | Comments(6)