Blissful Line Drawings

Illustrations can have a wide variety of style from the simple oil painting to applying super complicated computer graphic procedures. I sometimes think that an ultimate illustration can be the one drawn with one pen on one single piece of paper.
Take a look at All In Line by Paul Steinberg. This is a book full of simple black line drawings on white sheets of paper. In these plain artworks, Paul richly expresses comicality and dumbness of humans as well as the fun and joy of life. You can find a lot of war-related illustrations in the book reflecting the time those were drawn.
Just like a novelist who imagines and explores the world that he has never been with just a pen and paper, maybe an illustrator is also challenged to exercise his imagination and depth of mind with the lines flow out from the tip of his pen.
Of course it's not easy. Because you can draw only one line at a time, you need to choose the most correct and perfect line from all the options, almost infinite amount of options, you can think of. This is actually a very scary process. What is more, you have to express the emotions and movements of the subject with those lines and such lines should have great idea, originality and attractiveness that appeal to people if you are releasing it as an artwork!
This book reminded me of unlimited possibility of the world one can illustrate with a pen and a sheet of paper.


by takahisahashimo | October 19, 2010 08:48 PM | | Comments(24)