Snowflake Men in snow

The pieces I had worked on for long long time have finally completed. It is a series of three pieces called, Snowflake Men which is about the snowboarders becoming one with snow. The works illustrate the riders who absolutely love being on the snow that they have enough patience to repeat the cycle of 'mingle with the snow, fall and rise' until they finally make a great trick. Snowflake Men is about their pure passion and love for snowboarding. I have never drawn so many snow crystals in my life. Summer in Tokyo was crazy hot this year and there I was, drawing loads of snow crystals one after another. I almost melted down instead of the snow...Enjoy the world of snow drawn when outside temperature was 37 degrees centigrade.


by takahisahashimo | November 28, 2010 11:40 AM | Works | Comments(159)