Winter Yoyogi Park

Just finished an interview for my February solo exhibition at Academic Life in Daikanyama, Tokyo. They made me select my favourite place for the interview and I chose Yoyogi Park. The rain from the previous night was gone and the day turned out to be very warm and sunny. The shooting started in the park after lunch by Yoyogi Hachiman Station. Kanno (the representative of Kannax and Academic Life) and I all walked together in the park along with four photographers, talking about art, business and other social topics. The interview was very comfortable and I was naturally let to expose my background, how I face my illustrations and ideas. Indeed it was a very passionate chat in a cold winter park! This will be uploaded in detail at the website of Academic Life. The solo exhibition will be held from Thursday, 17 February through Tuesday 1 March. Looking forward to seeing you all.


by takahisahashimo | January 13, 2011 02:06 PM | Works | Comments(172)