Tokyo Illustrators Society Public Competition Exhibition #9

I went to the opening ceremony of Tokyo Illustrators Society Public Competition Exhibition #9 yesterday. The exhibition is open from 11 to 23 April. There were many illustration artists from the greatest domestic illustrators to the young, emerging artists. I liked some of the young illustrators' work. Those were inspiring. My work, Snowflake Men/ Groom Run was exhibited but not on the best wall.

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Many lessons learned from the first solo exhibition

My first solo exhibition is over. A number of snowflakes I drew since the exhibition offer have melted in the spring breeze. I have never drawn so many snowflakes in my life (and probably never will either in the future!). Fukushima, a copywriting friend of mine, described me as "an engineer who creates space through the micro world" when he saw my work. I was very touched and moved by his word.
I learned a lot of lessons through this exhibition; the distance against my own illustrations, responses of people who saw my work... At the live painting, I officially recognised that people instinctively like the act of drawing (like the act of playing music or dancing). It meant a lot to me to have been able to meet many people through illustrations. I was contacted by a friend whom I had not seen for 10 years, which was a pretty good surprise. My first solo exhibition, SNOWFLAKES taught me a great lesson. Now it's time to move on to the new spring!

See live painting from here→


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