SAMAVSM Package Design

SAMAVSM is a yoga fashion brand named after the first letters of 7 chakras. The 7 chakras that exist within everyone are expressed in 7-coloured vivid flowers as a symbolic visual of the brand. The flowers are round shaped inspired by the meaning of chakra in Sanskrit - wheel or circle.


Rainbow Flower.jpg

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Uji Shimizu Package Launched by Ippodo Tea! 〜A Moustached Man Getting Changed〜

A new package for Uji Shimizu by Ippodo, a renowned Japanese tea brand in Kyoto is done! Uji Shimizu is green tea slightly sweetened with granulated sugar. The package was developed around the concept of "changing wardrobe" since this tea can be enjoyed both hot and iced, Visual of a half-naked moustached man is used in summer while the same man in his coat and scarf appears in winter.
You can see some hint of our first collaboration with Design Barcode, by taking a look at his moustache (you'll find a real barcode there!)

Ippodo Tea co→

Uji Shimizu (12 sticks: 1,125 Yen)
Uji Shimizu Smoothie (available at Tokyo Marunouchi only: 380 Yen)

Uji Shimizu Package.jpg

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