A Cover Illustration for the New Title by Takami Ito, Ms. Akita's Egg

One of my latest work includes front/ back cover illustrations and title letters for a new book by Takami Ito, Ms. Akita's Egg. Obviously I cannot tell the story (you should go and buy!) but its theme and tempo are really unique and intriguing that makes you feel good after reading it. The book contains another episode called, Boggy, Are You In Love? Enjoy the illustrations again after you enjoyed this book published from Kodansha.


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Asia Global Design Awards!

Snowflake Men won Gold and Judge's Choice Award at Asia Global Design Award. The award was organised by Hong Kong Designers Association where "Global" was added to the title from this year to have more international perspective. Judges from Hong Kong and all over the world gathered to select winners from a wide variety of categories ranging from 2D graphic to architecture. At the end of the ceremony, I was asked to deliver a speech upon receiving Gold, which was a great surprise. I had not prepared anything in English, let alone in Cantonese! But I somehow managed to overcome this situation by combining several simple words I know to make a "speech", well the audience seemed to have enjoyed it at least.
The event was great and most of all, meeting with Mr. Alan Chan, Mr. Tommy Li, both are the most respected and creative design champions in Hong Kong, as well as young talented artists was truly amazing and inspiring.


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