Debut in Russia

I did a front cover illustration, "Woman in red blowing a horn" for a Russian magazine, Republique. They did a 4-page detailed article at the end of the magazine writing about my career before starting illustration to some future activity plans. I hope to make this as a first step of turning "70% of my illustration orders from overseas". The only problem is that I don't understand what they wrote because it's all in Russian. Someone who understands the language, please help!


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Design cookies featured in a TV show!

Cookies I designed for merrmerrifactury were featured in a TV show. It was only for brief minutes but the cookies were introduced as a Gold Medal souvenir at Soramachi shopping mall. Why don't you get one for your friends or family?

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bulle de savon fashion show

I drew a few illustrations for "bulle de savon" fashion show. The show was very exotic where models walked in the dark forest among the motif of the Twelve Dancing Princesses from Grimm Fairy Tales. The show had some fun accents like a lizard running on the floor or an owl flying in the moon sky.

Director: Haruka Furuya (Taiyo kikaku co.,ltd.)
Editor: Takashi Sato
Device Developer: Toshiyuki Hashimoto ( 


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