Machine that turns a horse into a Pegasus.

Happy 2014!
Machine that turns a horse into a Pegasus.

Machine that a horse turn into a pegasus.jpg

1. Vultures fiercely flutter their wings and the feathers fall off.
2. A rabbit picks up the feathers and neatly sticks them to the wheel.
3. A monkey lifts the basket full of feathers.
4. A flying squirrel gives feathers he found to a weasel.
5. A hedgehog and bird lay out the feathers to create a beautiful Pegasus wing.
6. Owls carefully carry the wing to the horse.
7. Squirrels attach the wing to the horse.

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"Flower Elephant" iPhone Case in stores now!

A new iPhone5/5s case'Flower Elephant'was released from Design Garden (FUJIFILM) at last! I drew a magical elephant blooming a big flower, which symbolizes the vital force of nature. May the world full of nature and wonderful creatures.

Design Garden→

Flower Elephant.jpg

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Magical World Christmas Campaign at Tobu Department Store vol.3

Have you seen such a unique shopping bag? What's more, these bags are not from a store in a zoo. These are Tobu's special shopping bags available only during a limited period - which is...NOW! Make sure you get one of these luxurious, gold, gravure printed bags at Tobu before Christmas time ends.


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