won merit in the Illustration section of NYADC!

A campaign for Tobu Department store won merit in the Illustration section of NYADC. This was a comprehensive campaign using illustrations only and I am very happy that they saw corporate branding and unique communication in my illustrations. It is a true delight as an illustrator. To me, this campaign was challenging but very rewarding at the same time. Thank you all for your support.


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WIRED Japan !

WIRED Japan vol.16 is now on sale! Check out my illustrations in the special feature of "Future of Money". By reading the article, I had an impression that the environment surrounding money in the next generation will be more primitive due to advancement of technology. Very interesting.
Though I had no clue how WIRED, a technology focused magazine, and my illustrations would work but I am so grateful for the editors' brave decision to make this happen. WIRED is one of my favourite magazines and I am truly delighted to have been able to do some nice work with them. Looking forward to even more collaborations!


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ビジネス雑誌「PRESIDENT」! A business magazine PRESIDENT!

A business magazine PRESIDENT is on sale! Check out my illustrations for the cover story, "Smart Talk". The article tells you some useful conversational tips and techniques in various business scenes. Hope you enjoy a unique chemistry between a business topic and funny & funky illustration tone. Illustration titles are Flying Lip and Balloons without words.

Flying Lip

Balloons without words
Balloon without a word without a word.jpg
Balloon Swords without wordS.jpg

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New iPhone Cases in stores now!

"AOI","Floral","Hedgehog" New iPhone Cases in stores now!



Hedgehog_cinra .jpg

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