Ready to Surf won Merit Award at New York 3x3 Illustration Annual.

[Award]Ready to Surf won Merit Award at New York 3x3 Illustration Annual. This was the second Merit, two years in a row. When I visited New York last time, I asked the chairperson of 3x3 what was required to be a renowned illustrator in New York. I haven't achieved my goal yet but winning this award made me proud, particularly because there are so many great illustrators out there. This piece is about Hal, a dog who hates the sea despite his owner, who is my friend, moved to a seaside town. I heard he is sick now. Hope he gets well soon.

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3x3 International Illustration Show

[Award]7 selected into 3x3 International Illustration Show! 2 Merit award for Tobu Department Store Campaign& Poster/ A present bag of Santa Claus and 5 Honorable mentions of Shining Lion, Jackson in New York, Floral Pink, Flower Octpus, Tobu Department Store Campaign. Thanks to the judges, and 3x3!


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Madhubani pinting artists@Surajkund crafts mela, india

I met many wonderful madhubani pinting artists!!

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Shining Lion on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

For this Christmas holiday I created this original illustration on the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil while filming on my iPhone. The title of this piece is Shining Lion, the messenger of the sun, shining kind light around the world. The lion travels the sky around the world bringing the light of hope to everyone. Maybe everyone who can feel this light can receive happiness. Usually I draw everything by hand with an illustration board and a pen. I was wondering if I could draw in my style with the iPad and how my illustrations with so many detailed lines would feel on the Apple Pencil. How would it feel when working for long hours with it. Well, I have to say, it was GREAT!! It took over 100 hours to create this illustration, I learned quickly and I am quite happy with how it turned out. So... Happy Holidays!

●Models used: iPad Pro+ Apple Pencil+ Smart Keyboard
●Application used: Procreate

Shining Lion_blog.jpg

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Jackson in New York

An illustration piece for an individual collector. I really enjoyed drawing Jackson the cat with dignity, in skyscrapers in New York, as if I were him enjoying the life in Manhattan. Is it a cat boom now? I think I've been drawing many cats lately and see them in magazines and books quite a lot!

Jacson in New York_blog.jpg

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