Bronze at Macau Design Biennial, merit award at Society of Illustrators LA!

Front cover illustrations for Hiroyuki Itsuki's best-seller "Hints for Life" won bronze at Macau Design Biennial
Macau Mandala/ Templo de A-Má won merit award at Society of Illustrators LA (ILLUSTRATION WEST 56). Two great pieces of news came in early this year. Both have connection with Macau. It will be another great year for me. Solo exhibition expected in spring, too.

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Interview with Yumi Wakatsuki from Nogizaka 46 on art! @MacFan Magazine.

Interview with Yumi Wakatsuki from Nogizaka 46 on art! @MacFan Magazine. Ms. Wakatsuki is an idol and an artist who loves drawing pictures in her spare time. In the interview, I explained the background of my Mithila painting pieces while showing them to her. We also had an opportunity where she drew her Mithla-style pieces. After an hour, we completed our first collaborative piece!


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The Fifth book of "the Hints for Life"

[Work]The Fifth book of "the Hints for Life" has been published. This concludes the entire series, published over five months. A great way to finish 2016!

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Christmas Campaign 2015 at Tobu Department Store .Vol.2

Have you already experienced the Christmas Campaign at the Tobu Department store this winter? In-store displays, escalators, interior decorations...everything you see in the store is filled with fun gift bags of Santa Claus! Rainbow-coloured snow and animals are also there to greet you. Oh, and also make sure to check out the giant Advent Calendar to find out what gifts are given out every day. The campaign runs through 25 December. Don't miss it!


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moi 20th anniversary wall painting event!

I had a great opportunity to produce 20th anniversary wall painting event for moi. moi is a video production company located in a cave-like place, which inspired me to draw a secret forest in the cave. Thanks to the help of moi staff and others, we were able to complete the joyous paradise in the forest on the "cave"-wall of moi. it now has a totally new look as an office which offers fun to those who work or visit. Happy 20th anniversary to moi!

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