Bronze at the AWARD Awards!

Leaf Man won Bronze at the AWARD Awards, an Australian show for advertisements in Asia Pacific. This is the pencil-shaped trophy just delivered. It's nice to have something tangible for what you have done! This will keep me moving for the next piece!

Big Flower Finally Completed!

At last, the latest illustration work of Yoga series, Big Flower is completed. This is an illustration based on the concept of becoming one with nature through Ashtanga Yoga. This was my first attempt of drawing on a large canvas which taught me many lessons. I truly hope this will touch people's hearts.

Tokyo Flower Tower now shown in ecocolo

Tokyo Flower Tower was created for an eco-conscious magazine, ecocolo Nov. issue around the theme on "What Does Eco Mean to You?" The illustration was drawn with the hope to move people and towns through the Tokyo Tower, a symbolic monument in Tokyo, made of flowers and green leaves. I believe if the actual tower transformed into something like this, people would love to look it up every day. This issue's special feature is a walk for organic and beautiful women. It looks nice and soothing with sunshine coming through the canopy.