Finalist at HKDA Asia Design Awards 09!

Leaf Man was selected in Illustration Category of HKDA Asia Design Awards 09.
This is an award show organised by Hong Kong Designers Association which invites entries from countries across Asia Pacific region. From Japan, Kaoru Kansai was one of the graphic judges.

HKDA Asia Design Awards

Travelers in Europe now shown in the latest TRANSIT

My work, Travelers in Europe is now shown in the latest TRANSIT magazine (no.6)!
You will find the illustration next to Toshiyuki Horie's short novel, Mediterranean Sea of White and Black. The theme of the issue is 'Today, Greece is as Beautiful as Yesterday'. I'm sure you will enjoy the exotic falvour of Greece!


Polar Bear Diet Book Now Available!

The Polar Bear Diet Book jointly developed with IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) is now completed targeting women in their thirties and forties. The booklet communicates the importance of animal protection by telling how polar bears are losing their preys and weights due to global warming, through a topic women are interested, dieting. The booklets are distributed at cafes and restaurants in Yebisu, Daikayama and Nakameguro areas in Tokyo.
Find more about IFAW at: