Machine that a horse turn into a pegasus. 馬がペガサスになれる装置

Happy 2014!
Machine that turns a horse into a Pegasus.

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1. Vultures fiercely flutter their wings and the feathers fall off.
2. A rabbit picks up the feathers and neatly sticks them to the wheel.
3. A monkey lifts the basket full of feathers.
4. A flying squirrel gives feathers he found to a weasel.
5. A hedgehog and bird lay out the feathers to create a beautiful Pegasus wing.
6. Owls carefully carry the wing to the horse.
7. Squirrels attach the wing to the horse.

1. ハゲタカがばたばたと羽を羽ばたかせると、羽が抜ける。
2. ウサギが羽を拾い、回転するホイールにのせる。
3. 猿がかごを引き上げる。
4. ムササビが羽をわたす。
5. ハリネズミと小鳥が、ペガサスの翼を整える。
6. フクロウが翼を運ぶ。
7. ねずみが馬に翼を取り付ける。

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「Flower Elephant」iPhone Case発売! "Flower Elephant" iPhone Case in stores now!

Fujifilmが運営するDesign GardenよりデザインiPhone5/5s Case「Flower Elephant」がついに発売されました。自然の生命力を象徴する大輪の花を咲かす不思議なゾウを描いた作品。世の中が、瑞々しい命で溢れますように。

"Flower Elephant" iPhone Case in stores now!
A new iPhone5/5s case'Flower Elephant'was released from Design Garden (FUJIFILM) at last! I drew a magical elephant blooming a big flower, which symbolizes the vital force of nature. May the world full of nature and wonderful creatures.

Design Garden→

Flower Elephant.jpg

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東武百貨店のクリスマスキャンペーン③ Magical World Christmas Campaign at Tobu Department Store vol.3


Have you seen such a unique shopping bag? What's more, these bags are not from a store in a zoo. These are Tobu's special shopping bags available only during a limited period - which is...NOW! Make sure you get one of these luxurious, gold, gravure printed bags at Tobu before Christmas time ends.


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