Christmas Campaign2014 at Tobu Department Store .Vol.3 東武百貨店クリスマスキャンペーン .Vol.3

昨年の倍以上の数の森の仲間たちが登場する今年の東武百貨店クリスマスキャンペーン。もうあなたは、自分のお気に入りの一匹、一頭を見つけましたか?通称森のロマンチスト、美しい花をくわえたトナカイのラファエルや、孤独を愛するスピードスター、カバンウルフのジョニー、ちびハリネズミのモフなどそれぞれ異なる性格を持つ動物たちがいますが、僕が個人的に好きなのは陽気な森のトラックメーカー・ DJモンキーです。今年は、東武百貨店にて「キャラクターアワード」を実施し、投票で一番人気の動物を決めちゃいます。是非、ご自分の一押しのキャラクターを応援してください。

クリスマスキャラクターアワード/Character Award→

Over twice as many animals than last year appear in this year's Christmas campaign at Tobu department store. Have you found your favourite? Is it the romantic guy in the forest, Raphael the reindeer with a flower in his mouth? Or is it Jonny the wolf who loves being alone? Or is it Moff the tiny hedgehog? My personal favourite is a gay track maker, DJ Monkey. Vote your favourite animal at Tobu's Character Award to win a prize!

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マジカルワールドクリスマス・キャンペーン2014 vol.2 Magical World Christmas Campaign at Tobu Department Store vol.2


Have you been to the Tobu department store bustle with people enjoy the Christmas Campaign? Store displays, escalators, in-store decorations...well, both in and out of the department store is absolutely filled with Christmas trees made of green and red gift boxes. Of course my animals greet you at the store. It is great to see those creatures I furiously drew in summer busily "move" around the store preparing for Christmas. Visit the store many times to meet your favourite animals. I'm sure there will be new surprises at every visit. The campaign ends on 25 Dec.


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Magical World Christmas 2014 at Tobu department store vol.1 マジカルワールドクリスマス・キャンペーン2014@東武百貨店 vol.1


Once Halloween is over, streets are quickly decorated into Christmas colours. Yes. This year, Tobu department store is once again painted itself into fantasy Magical World Christmas. Unique and fun animals (even more so than last year!) busy themselves with carrying Christmas presents to make a Christmas tree. The ones I drew on blistering hot days surrounded by the endless Christmas tunes. You will be warmly greeted by over 30 animals moving around on displays, posters and catalogues of Tobu department store. Open your eyes wide and enjoy!

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