moi 20th anniversary wall painting event! 「moi」創設20周年記念イベント/ウォールペインティング!

I had a great opportunity to produce 20th anniversary wall painting event for moi. moi is a video production company located in a cave-like place, which inspired me to draw a secret forest in the cave. Thanks to the help of moi staff and others, we were able to complete the joyous paradise in the forest on the "cave"-wall of moi. it now has a totally new look as an office which offers fun to those who work or visit. Happy 20th anniversary to moi!


692A2761 のコピーのコピー.jpg
painting Kids.jpg

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Christmas Campaign 2015 at Tobu Department Store .Vol.1 東武百貨店クリスマスキャンペーン2015 .Vol.3


It's Christmas at Tobu! This year, a present bag of Santa Claus is the theme of the campaign. Joy, prayers, affection...all the emotions in Christmas are packed in the bag of Santa Claus. Even more than last year, animals dramatise the world of Christmas with fun and joy along with the rainbow-coloured snow. This year, too, this illustration was carefully crafted in the hot summer of over 35 degree Celsius, having all sorts of Christmas songs as background music. Enjoy Christmas at Tobu through in-store display, posters and catalogues! The campaign runs until 25 December.


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Jacson in New York


An illustration piece for an individual collector. I really enjoyed drawing Jackson the cat with dignity, in skyscrapers in New York, as if I were him enjoying the life in Manhattan. Is it a cat boom now? I think I've been drawing many cats lately and see them in magazines and books quite a lot!

Jacson in New York_blog.jpg

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