Tobu Department Store Christmas 2015 Movie

Digital Signage Movie for Tobu Christmas 2015!
東武百貨店のクリスマス・キャンペーンの世界が映像になりました! 池袋店の巨大デジタルサイネージでご覧になれます!

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Christmas Campaign 2015 at Tobu Department Store .Vol.2 東武百貨店クリスマスキャンペーン2015 .Vol.2

クリスマスキャンペーンでにぎわう東武百貨店にはもう行かれましたか?店頭ディスプレイ、エスカレーター、店内装飾など、楽しげなサンタのプレゼント袋で埋め尽くされています。もちろん、七色の雪と動物の仲間もいたる所で皆さんを出迎えます。巨大なアドベントカレンダーにも毎日素敵なプレゼントが用意されています。 キャンペーンは12月25日まで開催中です。

Have you already experienced the Christmas Campaign at the Tobu Department store this winter? In-store displays, escalators, interior decorations...everything you see in the store is filled with fun gift bags of Santa Claus! Rainbow-coloured snow and animals are also there to greet you. Oh, and also make sure to check out the giant Advent Calendar to find out what gifts are given out every day. The campaign runs through 25 December. Don't miss it!


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moi 20th anniversary wall painting event! 「moi」創設20周年記念イベント/ウォールペインティング!

I had a great opportunity to produce 20th anniversary wall painting event for moi. moi is a video production company located in a cave-like place, which inspired me to draw a secret forest in the cave. Thanks to the help of moi staff and others, we were able to complete the joyous paradise in the forest on the "cave"-wall of moi. it now has a totally new look as an office which offers fun to those who work or visit. Happy 20th anniversary to moi!


692A2761 のコピーのコピー.jpg
painting Kids.jpg

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Christmas Campaign 2015 at Tobu Department Store .Vol.1 東武百貨店クリスマスキャンペーン2015 .Vol.3


It's Christmas at Tobu! This year, a present bag of Santa Claus is the theme of the campaign. Joy, prayers, affection...all the emotions in Christmas are packed in the bag of Santa Claus. Even more than last year, animals dramatise the world of Christmas with fun and joy along with the rainbow-coloured snow. This year, too, this illustration was carefully crafted in the hot summer of over 35 degree Celsius, having all sorts of Christmas songs as background music. Enjoy Christmas at Tobu through in-store display, posters and catalogues! The campaign runs until 25 December.


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「Drawing Fantasia」ミティラー画ペインティング@敦賀駅

[Drawing Fantasia]Sea bream belching out the sun
Window Painting@fukuj, Japan

[Drawing Fantasia]ミティラー画ペインティング@福井・敦賀駅。駅施設オープンイベントの一環として、巨大なウィンドウにて開催。秋晴れの中、ちびっ子からお年寄りまで多くの方に参加していただきました!さより、こち、アオリイカ、アジ、敦賀フグなど、ややマニアックな地魚を題材に描き尽くしました。「描くの下手だし〜」と言ってる大人が無心で描続け、子供はもちろん躊躇なくペンをススめる。でも、みんな描くこと好きなんです。

DF_1004_650_2.jpgIMGP4995 のコピー 2.jpg

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