マジカルワールドクリスマス・キャンペーンat東武百貨店① Magical World Christmas Campaign at Tobu department store vol.1


Look around you and you'll find shops with Christmas decorations, some are even selling New Year's goods already! But the place you need to go right now is Tobu department store because they just started Magical World Christmas Campaign! Tobu is the only department store where animals and angels I drew celebrate Christmas and welcome you at the store. Santa Claus, Christmas tree and a reindeer that I sweat and drew in the hottest summer ever are dancing with animals in Tobu in-store display, on shopping bags and catalogues. Come and see for yourself with your eyes wide open!

TOBU Chirstmas Blog.jpg

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双頭の孔雀Tシャツ Double-headed Peacock T-shirt


I designed a T-shirt for Yoga Journal staff to wear at Yogafest Yokohama 2013, held early this month. The theme of the shirt is a ''double-headed peacock''. I selected this exotic, beautiful bird because it's a national bird of India, the country where Yoga was born. Always good to know that the staff wore my t-shirt really loved it!


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カリフォルニアワイン"Hidden Crush"がついに誕生! California wine, Hidden Crush in stores now!

カリフォルニアのワイナリーから、アートコラボレーションしたワイン「Hidden Crush」がついに発売しました。ワインラベル、ウェブサイト、販売ツール等のビジュアルを担当。ワイン製造者、オーナー、アートディレクターの方と共に長い時間をかけひとつのワインが形になりました。"Hidden Crush" に関わったすべての方に乾杯!

Hidden Crush, the wine of which I supported artwork, is released from California winery at long last. You can enjoy my artwork in its label, website and promotional tools. It is always nice to see a tangible result after spending long time with the wine maker and vineyard manager. Cheers to all who were involved in the production of Hidden Crush!
Hidden Crush Wine→

Hidden crash.jpg

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Bronze at Adfest! アドフェストでブロンズ!

Water men won Bronze at Adfest and I want to thank all of those who supported me.

第16回ADFESTアジア太平洋広告祭において、「Water Men/ Coral reefs」がブロンズ賞を受賞しました。この場をお借りして、サポートしてくれたみなさまにお礼を申し上げます。

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Yoga Journal


My illustration works appear in the opening fashion 10 pages of the latest issue of Yoga Journal (Japanese version). I wanted to focus on co-existence of photos and illustrations and this particular assignment inspired me of the wide possibility of editorial design. The fashion pages also introduce the way of building a sound body by a model Kelly, and showcasing the future yoga instructors. Please have a look!

Yoga Journal Japanese version (published by Seven & i)


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